Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Home with a Disappearing Garage

May 18, 2012
Posted by david_marine in General

This Lake Tahoe compound boasts a disappearing garage.
Who wouldn’t want a hidden garage like Batman has where he drives through a waterfall to park the Batmobile in the Batcave? Of course you would love that in your next home. Well one home owner has a sophisticated hydraulic system that allows his garage to disappear into the natural surroundings.
In Lake Tahoe, this compound (and after you watch the video you’ll notice how much that term is emphasized) has a disappearing garage that’s big enough to hold 7 buses. Besides the super cool garage the home and its locale is absolutely gorgeous and has a very flannel shirt feel to it. The garage seems to be the focal point of the home as there’s both a lower and upper garage. The lower level can fit up to 30 cars while the upper area can house at least 15 automobiles. Oh and by the way there’s a motorcycle elevator too.
All this can be yours for around $50 million, but if you’re living in a compound I’m sure you’ll have a number of people living with you who can help payoff that mortgage. Check out the video from CNNMoney that gives you a tour of the disappearing garage.